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We opened the doors of a warm home for mothers of Srebrenica in Potočari

Today’s emotions still haven’t settled, and we are summing impressions from the opening of the Center for the Elderly persons, named after the true heroine for all the mothers of Srebrenica – Hatidža Mehmedović. Words of praise come from all present guests today, as well as of those who followed the opening next to the small screens. An encouragement to all of us at Emmaus to continue working this way.

Otherwise, IFS-EMMAUS’ facilities in Potočari near Srebrenica will be richer as of today for one of the most modern centers for the accommodation of the elderly people, with a capacity of 84 persons. It was designed according to European standards and is a composition of functional and modern.

The complex, which according to infrastructure is equal to world centers for care of the elderly people, represents a great step forward for the local community, and as we have already said, mothers from Srebrenica, who were previously involved in the IFS-EMMAUS project “Love for the mothers of Srebrenica”.

Beneficiaries will have social and medical support 24/7, and they will also be provided with medical services from specialist doctors in the infirmary that was built within the Center itself. The complex contains one large facility with 36 one-room apartments, a facility for persons with disabilities that has 8 double rooms, a restaurant with kitchen and administration, 8 houses/bungalows for 4 people each, a facility for creative workshops that symbolizes the Bosnian room, and other accompanying facilities such the laundry room, boiler room, warehouse, etc.

Once again, we thank to everyone who participated in any way, first of all, in the construction of the Center, but also in today’s organization of the program itself. Thank you!

Good returns in better!