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Justice for victims of human trafficking

International Forum of Solidarity – EMMAUS (IFS-EMMAUS) is engaged in combating trafficking in human beings and illegal migration in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1999, since the beginning of treatment of this problem in our country. In cooperation with the Ministry of Security, the State Coordinator and the Department for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, the Department for Foreigners’ Affairs, and other state institutions and agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations, IFS-EMMAUS is engaged in the realization of projects of direct assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings, prevention and awareness-raising among risk groups and the general population about trafficking in human beings, as well as education and capacity building of local institutions on the treatment of these problems.

The main areas of action:


The European Resource Center for the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons and Other Forms of Exploitation (EURC) was established in November 2013 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in response to the increase in human trafficking as well as other forms of exploitation, in the region and Europe, and the need for suppression and the prevention of these criminal activities on a global level.

The aim of the EURC is to serve as a central research and information mechanism for local and international actors involved in the trafficking phenomenon; to provide information on forms, causes and trends; profile of victims; legal provisions; identification methods and referral mechanisms; practices of reintegration; preventive and educational resources, including manuals and guidelines; statistics and best practices for action in combating trafficking in human beings, as well as information related to other forms of exploitation and prevention.

EURC through the web portal www.eurcenter.net offers a unique tool for online reporting of human trafficking cases and an electronic library of relevant literature. Within the activities of the Resource Center, seven editions of the specialized electronic bulletin have been prepared, distributed over 500 addresses in order to provide up-to-date information for EMMAUS communities and all interested actors on the phenomenon of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. EURC activities include exchange of information, planning activities, networking, training and capacity building, development and distribution of information material, improvement of cooperation with governmental, non-governmental, local and international actors.