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Providing help to those in need is an obligation all of us

Construction of water wells in Africa

IFS-EMMAUS has been excavating water wells for the fourth year in the African countries of Niger and Uganda, whose population due to severe droughts is in a scarce of spring drinking water. The importance of the project was recognized very quickly by numerous citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the diaspora, and the result of all that is over hundred built water wells in a period of less than three years. According to the type of terrain and looseness of the soil on which water wells are excavated using two different techniques, narrow deep boreholes Ø 100 and Ø 1,000 mm.


Niger is a percentage-wise more saturated country with sandy soil, so due to the specifics of the terrain they use deep excavations with a diameter of Ø 100 mm and PVC linings are used as protection of filling the excavation, while Uganda is more suitable for digging wider one’s diameter of the well, so there were mostly used excavations with a diameter of Ø 1,000 mm, and the lining for them is made of bricks. Both of these excavation of water wells is made by hand due to the lack of mechanization, primitive and manual made tools. It increases to a large extent the time process of the construction of water wells.


On both types of wells was put fabric made hand pump for the water to which it is given one year warranty, which covers all servicing and restoring it to function in the event of failure. Each water well feeds from 15 to 30 members of one settlement with drinking water and we have no information yet by partner organizations who implement projects construction of water wells if there were any of the built wells dried up over time. That talks about the profitability of this investment.


By our partner organizations in Africa are dugwater wells for the population that lacks with sources of drinking water due to severe droughts.
The importance of the project was quickly recognized by numerous citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the diaspora, and the result of all this is a large number of built water wells in Niger and Uganda.

The price of building one well is 2,600.00 KM, 


– Collected scholarships for 4,392 children for the school year 2023/2024.
– At the beginning of April, letters of thanks arrived from children from Burkina Faso.
– In the period of 2023, a total of 99 wells were built in the African countries of Niger and Uganda by our partner.

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