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With the goal of self-sustainability of the Association, there are implemented projects such as: “Solidarity Economy” which includes greenhouse and hothouse production of various fruits and vegetables for the needs of nutritiontion of a large number of beneficiaries, and project of sustainable development through the project Dairy plant “IFS-TRADE” Ltd.


Fresh and always available products that were on the tables of our kitchens prepared for our many beneficiaries, are products of our own direction. Production of potato, red onion and greenhouse products (tomato, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, red pepper, green salad, spinach, spring onions…) were obtained from an arable land of an surface of 75 dunums.


All seeding material is under our own direction, where we produce about 15,000 pieces of seedings of agricultural and flower crops for our needs.


In the past year was recorded a decrease in vegetation yield by 10 tons, so in 2022 we count yields of 40 tons of various fruits and vegetables.


Large quantities of vegetables and fruits, which due to the accelerated process of the ripening we do not manage to use as fresh in the preparation of meals, we mostly process it, of which we get finished products such as: ajvar, đuveč, various salads, juice and apple jam, which we use throughout the year in our kitchens for preparation of meals.



Dairy plant “IFS-TRADE” Ltd.


The dairy continues with continuous purchases of fresh milk from its subcontractors and agriculture cooperatives. The trend of purchasing milk is not decreasing below 500,000 liters per year, which justifies a wide range of finished products.


In dairies you can still buy high quality sourcream, yogurt and milleram, except for fermented products it is launched on the market semi-hard  cheeses and out of those the most selling are: trappist cheese, smoked trappiest cheese and trappiest cheese with the addition of paprika and mint. The dairy plant, in addition to selling its product range, provides the necessary amounts of milk products for the needs of service beneficiaries through projects of IFS-EMMAUS.

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