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All children deserve the right to education and the conditions to grow up happily

The post-war environment created particular conditions of education for returnee children from Srebrenica. After completing education to 5 th grade by inadequate transportation from marginal and rural areas where they live, with a distance between 30-40 km, children had to travel to the central school in Srebrenica. On the way to school they spend about two hours and the time they lose traveling from home to school and returning home from school, is affecting on quality of their education. Considering the bad road communication and geographical location of the villages, absence from the school is frequent and another factor that affects education of these children. As a response to this challenge, in the ECCS-FB is offered accommodation in capacities of the association for children travelers. In the complex, which is located in Potocari currently is accommodated 32 children aged from first grade of the primary school to the fourth grade of high school.

The aim of the service is to provide a week-long stay for these children and their activities are organized on the principle of organizing time in any boarding school with the intention to  provide them conditions for a happy childhood. In addition to the time they spend studying and doing homework under the supervision of professional staff pedagogues, psychologists, social workers, defectologists, we are trying to provide them knowledge about life, nature and science. We recognize their affinities, and we try, through professional work, to develop and direct them.

They have three meals, material and technical conditions necessary for the growth and development of the young child into a healthy independent entity. In addition to the various activities offered by the center (creative, educational workshops, sports activities, music therapy, and English language, IT), expert team is working daily with them, emphasis is placed on homework and help in studying. In our center we try to act equally on upbringing and education, and to socialize children as much as possible.

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