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Let's play with a purpose

Day care centers in Potočari, Zvornik and Doboj Istok provide for children content rich stay with activities of an educational and entertaining character that are an opportunity for improvement and development of creative, communication skills and social skills. Activities in day care centers were realized through individual and group work, and include:

• educational and creative workshops;
• artistic and literary workshops;
• musical and rhythmic workshops;
• sports and recreational activities;
• kulturno-zabavne aktivnosti;
• cultural and entertainment activities;
• foreign language courses.


In the year 2022/23 in the day care center for children, 59 children are enrolled in the day care center in Potočari, 77 children are enrolled in Zvornik, of which 7 are children with difficulties in development according to which it is performed a special inclusive program, while the day care center in Doboj Istok has 22 children.



• Held a sport -social event called “Big gatherings of little ones” in which participated beneficiaries of the day care center from Potočari and Zvornik, students of Educational Center Nova Kasaba and students of primary schools from Sarajevo.

• Organized trip to Kladanj for 48 beneficiaries. Children had the opportunity to visit the complex Muške vode. Then they visited Paučko Lake where the beneficiaries relaxed and enjoyed in the beauty of nature. Before the end of the trip, they also visited the Djevojačka pećina.

• Beneficiaries of the day care center Potočari participated in the implementation of the project One Meal per Day in Srebrenica. And in this way, they saw the significance and importance of humanitarian work.

• The children of the day care center in Potočari visited the museum in Srebrenica on the International Museum Day.

• Humanitarian bazaar in the implementation of the Day care center Zvornik on the occasion of March 8, and with the help of collected funds at the bazaar was organized trip to the zoo in Tuzla.

• Visit of a professor of Bosnian language from Srebrenica which held a workshop on the topic: “Bosnian language – my identity”.

• Participation in the Day of Sevdalinka and atrip to Kula town in Zvornik.

• An educational workshop for parents and teaching staff was held in May in P. S. “Sveti Sava” in Zvornik entitled “Specific learning difficulties”.

• On the occasion of the Statehood Day was held the event in Potočari in which children from day care centers also directly participated.

• The day care center in Doboj Istok has an inclusive character and it is intended for children with difficulties in development.

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