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Let's play with a purpose


With the support of the IN Foundation – Foundation for Social Inclusion of Children and Youth in B&H, in September 2013, a project called the Day Center for Children and Youth in Potočari was launched.

A day care center for children from the local community is a place where they can learn through the game, discover the world and meet new friends. It’s a place where I can eat lunch and drink tea while hanging out with peers and Daycare staff.

Within the Day Center, various activities are implemented that are adapted to the age and interest of children. Some of the activities are: help with homework assignments as daily activities, creative and educational workshops, sports and recreational activities, rhythmic-music workshops, IT workshops and individual work with children. Children can also attend courses in English and German.

The daylight program and agenda also envisages excursions for children. In addition to the above mentioned activities, various cultural and entertainment public events are organized on the occasion of marking important dates. One of the activities is direct work in the local community, where workshops with children of preschool and lower school age are carried out once a week and once a month, workshops for parents are organized.

Direct work activities in the local community are primarily related to work in the rural areas of the municipality of Srebrenica. One of the activities of the Day Center is a professional orientation for pupils of the final grades of the primary school, which is realized in cooperation with the First Elementary School of Srebrenica.

With the help of Day Center staff, the children published all the planned and realized activities in their magazine “The Voice of the Children of Srebrenica” where all their efforts and work were shown. Through a series of structured activities within the Daily Center that are aimed at developing the practical skills needed for everyday life, the development of childhood independence is promoted and the social, cognitive and physical skills are promoted.

The idea of the Day Center project continues to live with a plan for better and more advanced work with children and youth of Srebrenica.


The Children’s Day Center in Zvornik, which provides a comfortable stay with activities of educational and entertainment character for children from the local community, started operating in September 2015.

Activities in the Day Center aim to develop and improve creative, communication and social skills. All this is realized through educational, creative, art-literary and music-rhythmic workshops. The sports and recreational and cultural-entertainment activities, as well as individual and group work with children, are an indispensable part.

One of the special tasks is to make the children feel comfortable, pay attention to them and adapt the program content to the interests and age of children. Staying in the Daily Center is an opportunity for learning and developing life skills, which is regularly used by about 60 children in the period from 10 am to 2 pm.


In May 2017, the IFS – EMMAUS Daily Center for Children in Doboj started working.

Our Day Center aims to creatively create free time and encourage children of pre-school and school age to socialize and play, ages 4 to 12, and currently the Center’s services are used daily by 25 children.

One of the slogans of our Day Center is PLAYING WITH PURPOSE, which means that we want to influence educational and creative content through the game. The vision and goal is to encourage and teach moral values such as love, family, selflessness, honesty and friendship, developing creative, entertaining and social activities, advocating for cultural and spiritual development, and encouraging and organizing actions and activities with children and children , based on their wishes and interests.

Activities offered by our Daily Center include:

– educational-creative workshops
– art-literary
– music-rhythmic workshops
– sports and recreational activities
– cultural and entertainment activities
– induvidual and group work with children
– help with homework assignments

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