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Led by the idea of helping and empowering the elderly population through various support activities, such as providing health care and housekeeping assistance, we started the project “Love for mothers of Srebrenica”. The project includes mothers who were left without their sons and daughters during the war, living alone and abandoned by all. With the aim of expanding the project, in 2017, we continued with outreach activities moving from the central part of Srebrenica. Therefore 15 new mother were included and the project included 15 more mothers with more severe psycho-physical health, increasing the number of 25 to 40 mothers.

The activities include helping mothers in home, sharing warm meals, providing wood for winter, conversational therapies, which is the most necessary component of our project because mothers count on our support, advice and consolation. The project was supported by the Dutch organization Stichting Proplan.

Ljubav za Majke Srebrenice