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Call 17011 and donate One meal per day

International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus “, from June 1, 2017, realized the project” One meal per day “and daily visits 273 beneficiaries in Srebrenica, Bratunac, Gračanica and Doboj Istok.

The project is intended for people of third age in a state of social need, sick, abusive people who mostly live alone in remote rural areas and can not independently provide meals or get to the public kitchen.

At the very beginning of the project, 10 beneficiaries from Srebrenica and Bratunac were involved.

Unfortunately, statistics show that every fifth citizen in BiH is unable to provide at least one meal per day on a daily basis.

Many people live in extreme poverty so that a bit of bread and warm meals would mean a lot and help them to continue through a cruel everyday life.

By calling 17011, you can also provide someone at least one meal per day.


You can also support this project whit food donations at the following adress:

Association “H.O. International Solidarity Forum – EMMAUS “

Duje bb, Klokotnica, Doboj Istok 74 207

You can pay the money of your donation to the Bank Accounts of the Association

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka


Devizni račun:


IBAN: BA39 1542 0011 0008 5746


Uni Credit Banka


Devizni račun:


IBAN: BA39 3389 1048 0572 3482

Svrha: Jedan obrok dnevno

You can pay money through PayPal