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The project has been implemented since 2012, and today with assistance of donors of IFS-EMMAUS provides assistance for over 2,400 children/orphans from the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to financial aid, we realize many other support projects for orphan families such as: donation of clothes and shoes, school supplies and other materials help, construction and reconstruction of houses, socio- economic support for orphan families, organizations trips, socializing, etc.

• Through four quarterly payments in January, April, July and October was provided 8,160 individual scholarships.

• During the year for 2,160 children/orphans from the territory of the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was made the purchase of clothes and shoes that they chose for themselves.

• For 50 orphan families who have the necessary arable land invests a lot of effort itself and produce vegetables for the needs of the whole family, was provided the purchase of seeds for planting.

• With the help of donors, we provided Ophthalmic examination, as well as buying prescription glasses for 70 orphans from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

• We organized Ramadan iftars for 500 persons from orphan families who fast, we distributed over 500 food packages and 400 Ramadan packages -gift packages for children.

• The summer camp for orphans was held in Srebrenica for the duration of five days for 50 children/ orphans. The goal of such camps is to gather children/orphans at one place to get to know each other and exchange ideas and own experiences. Exactly camps like this proved to be an ideal opportunity to gathers children from different places within Bosnia and Herzegovina in one place and to show them that they are not alone in this world, and yes there are indeed people who feel great care and responsibility for them.

• With the aim of providing support in the new school year, we distributed school backpacks and accessories for 600 students of primary school.

• Keeping in mind the cold winter days and lack of firewood, our partner organizations provided support through the purchase of firewood for around 140 orphans families.

• During the month of October, a two-day trip to Srebrenica for 90 children/orphans has begun the marking of orphan days, which is traditionally realized in all countries with the aim of providing gifts for children/ orphans.

• Around 540 families were made happy through a set of projects: the organization of excursions and the distribution of aqika, the distribution of food packages, white goods, sewing machines, greenhouses, chickens with food for fattening and sheep.


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