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Fatherless child or an orphan is a child  deprived by death of father or both parents due to war, occupation, natural disaster, poverty, misfortune etc.

Supported by many donors, IFS-EMMAUS manages to sponsorship 1.500 fatherless children in the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with a large number of orphans. In the postwar period, to this day, a large number of orphans lost their parents through serious illness, traffic and other disasters, which have often left them without any financial support and are now living in extreme conditions.  The implementation of the project “Sponsoring children without one or both parents – orphans” started in 2012.  Since then, IFS-EMMAUS has monthly scholarships for 1.500 fatherless children provided by foreign donors. The children come from the whole area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Gorazde and Sarajevo to Cazin, Bugojno, Brcko, Zavidovići, Mostar, Gradacac and other places. In addition to children who receive the IFS-EMMAUS scholarship, we also have a base with a significant number of orphans on waiting list.

 With scholarships, i.e. with financial assistance, IFS-EMMAUS also organizes numerous support projects for families in social need, such as:

  • construction and reconstruction of houses;
  • one-time donations through the distribution of greenhouses, chickens, sheep, cows and household appliances;
  • purchase of school supplies, clothing and footwear for orphans;
  • organization of trips and events;
  • organization of iftar and distribution of Eid packages;
  • distribution of food and hygienic packages;
  • educational and entertaining workshops for orphans and their guardians
  • socio – economic empowerment of mothers;
  • outreach activities on the doorstep.

Helping children, who are largely neglected from society, put a smile on their face, ease their everyday life, encourages us to be at the service of as many of these children as possible. The continuity of such a project is at the same time the best invitation to all those who can- to help if not all at least to a larger number with any form of donation.

In this regard, IFS-EMMAUS is at service to all potential donors who want to join this project so we can together provide better conditions for fatherless children and orphans.

How to become a donor?

By participating in sponsorhip of certain number,or one fatherless child or orphan you enable us to include more children in the program.

Monthly amount of the scholarship for one child is 30 € or 60 BAM.

You can pay the money of your donation to the Bank Accounts of the Association

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka
1542001100085746Devizni račun:
IBAN: BA39 1542 0011 0008 5746

Uni Credit Banka
Devizni račun:
IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482

You can pay money through PayPal