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Safe home for the most vulnerable groups in our society

The reception center “Duje” is active since 2004 as a center for the care and rehabilitation of all categories of the population in need. The work of the Center is focused on rehabilitation, re-socialization, with the ultimate aim of reintegration of service beneficiaries.

Centre is now refuge for over 400 customers, which every day provides medical, educational – rehabilitation, upbringing  – educational assistance, and all this with a great deal of tolerance, love and understanding. Service users are elderly people of different categories and illness, persons with disabilities, disabled persons with multiple problems, the homeless, young people with behavioral problems and young people from vulnerable / risk groups. In accordance with the prescribed international standards and norms, services are implemented through four organizational units at the Centre:

  • Center for old and helpless people;

  • Center for persons with mental disorders;

  • Center for Persons with Disabilities and

  • Center for Children and Youth.


Reception centre Duje operates to provide safe and careless accommodation to its beneficiaries. With monthly payments in amount of 40 Euros per person, you directly help our work and give us support so that we can provide more qualitative conditions of life.

You can pay the money of your donation to the Bank Accounts of the Association

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank
IBAN: BA39 1542 0011 0008 5746

Uni Credit Bank
IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482

You can pay money through PayPal